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Request for Expression of Interest for Competent and Eligible Firms for the Conduct of a Fast-Track Survey on Customers' Willingness to pay for Meters in Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI)

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) approved the regulation on meter asset providers with a view to scaling up the rate of metering by the electricity distribution companies, thereby reducing the incidence of estimated billings as well as guaranteed revenue in Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI). There are however concerns regarding the cost of meters and customers’ willingness to pay for them. Therefore, the Commission is desirous of engaging a firm with proven experience in data polling and survey activities to conduct a survey to determine customers’ willingness to pay for different classes of meters.

The scope of the service will include a web-based survey comprising interviews of households, small businesses, schools and hospitals to determine how much they pay for electricity as opposed to how much they think they ought to be paying. In addition, the scope shall also include the following:

i.    Willingness to pay for one-phase and three-phase meters based on an internal estimate arrived at by the Commission;

ii.    Acceptability/attractiveness of payment in instalments for pre-paid meters.
The following table is a list of selected cities spread across six geo-political zones with the breakdown of the number of interviewees required for the survey:

1 Aba 100 5 5
2 Abuja 100 5 5
3 Benin 100 5 5
4 Ibadan 100 5 5
5 Jos 100 5 5
6 Kano 100 5 5
7 Lagos 100 5 5
8 Port-Harcourt 100 5 5
9 Sokoto 100 5 5
10 Yola 100 5 5

Interested and reputable firms are required to submit the following as technical, and financial proposals. The documents should be duly signed, paginated, separated by dividers and arranged in the order outlined hereunder:
a)    Evidence of Certificate of Incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) including CAC 2 and CAC 7;
b)    Evidence of the firm’s Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years valid till 31st December 2018;
c)    Evidence of current Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Compliance Certificate valid till 31st December 2018;
d)    A Sworn Affidavit disclosing whether or not an officer of the relevant committees of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission or the Bureau of Public Procurement is a former or present director, shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the bidder and to confirm that all information presented in its bid are true and correct in all particulars; and that the company is not in receivership or about to be in receivership or not a replacement for a hitherto tax defaulting company;
e)    Company’s Audited Accounts for the last three years (2015, 2016 and 2017);
f)    Evidence of financial capability to execute the project including Reference Letter from a reputable commercial bank indicating a willingness to provide credit facility for the execution of the project when needed;
g)    Company profile with the Curriculum Vitae of Key Staff to be deployed for the project, including copies of their Academic/Professional qualifications;
h)    Verifiable documentary evidence of at least three (3) similar jobs executed in the last ten (10) years including letters of award, valuation certificates, job completion certificates, photographs of the projects etc;
i)    For joint venture/partnership, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) should be provided (all the eligibility requirements are compulsory for each JV partner and foreign partners must meet requirements of their domiciled country);
j)    All documents for submission must be transmitted with a covering/forwarding letter under the company/firm’s letterhead paper bearing amongst others, the registration number (RC) as issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), contact address, telephone number (preferably GSM No.) and e-mail address. The letterhead paper must bear the names and nationalities of the directors of the company at the bottom of the page, duly signed by an authorized officer of the firm.

Interested firms are to submit two (2) bound expressions of Interest (EoI) documents separated by dividers and arranged as indicated above. The documents should be submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed to:
The Chairman,
Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission,
Plot No. 1387, Cadastral Zone, A00
Central Business District
Furthermore, the reverse of each sealed envelope should have the name and address of the bidder and dropped in the designated tender box located at the Commission’s Registry on the Ground Floor not later than 10:00 am on Tuesday, 26th March 2019. A duly signed document should be arranged in the order listed above and paginated before submission.

The expression of interest (EoI) documents will be opened immediately after the deadline for submission by 10:00 am on Tuesday, 26th March 2019 in the Commission’s Hearing Room, Wing B, 4th Floor, Plot No. 1387, Cadastral Zone, A00, Central Business District, Abuja in the presence of bidders or their representatives. Please ensure that you sign the Bid Submission Register in the Commission’s Registry on the Ground floor, as the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission will not be held liable for misplaced or wrongly submitted bids. For further enquiries, please contact  Head (Procurement Unit) via e-mail

a. EoI must be in English language and signed by an official authorised by the bidder;
b. EoI submitted after the deadline for submission would be returned unopened;
c. All costs will be borne by the bidders;
d. All short-listed firms will be contacted at a later date and issued Request for Proposals (RFPs);
e. The Commission is not bound to shortlist any consultant and reserves the right to annul the selection process at any time without incurring any liabilities in accordance with Section 28 of the Public Procurement Act, 2007;
f.  Late submissions will be rejected;
g. This invitation to bid shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of Commission to award any contract nor shall it entitle the bidder to make any claims whatsoever and/or seek any indemnity form Commission by virtue of having responded to this advert;
h. All enquiries (not submissions) should be directed to Head (Procurement Unit), NERC, Wing A, 4th Floor, Plot No. 1387, Cadastral Zone, A00, Central Business District, Abuja. Tel: 09-4621409.


Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission