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Name: Michael Faloseyi

Phone: 09- 462.1408

Re: Proposed illegal sale and distribution of electricity within Eko Electricity Distribution Company Plc's network by Sura Independent Power Limited

The attention of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (the “Commission”) has been drawn to a publication by Eko Electricity Distribution Company Plc (“EKEDP”) in Business Day newspaper on 21st June 2018.

EKEDP had, in the said publication, notified and cautioned members of the Association of Shop Owners Sura Shopping Complex (the “Association”), all stakeholders and members of the public against the proposed unauthorized inauguration of the Sura Independent Power Plant by Sura Independent Power Limited (“SIPL”) for the supply of electricity to Sura Shopping Complex (‘Sura”), a service area that falls within EKEDP’s distribution network area.

The Commission hereby notes that the generation and distribution of electricity is a regulated activity that is subject to the licensing requirements stated in section 62 of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act (“EPSRA”).  The Commission notes further that it has neither issued a generation nor distribution licence to SIPL for the operation of the Sura Independent Power Plant.  

The other companies that have so far been licensed by the Commission to engage in the generation or distribution of electricity within EKEDP’s distribution network area were licensed on the basis of permissible grounds specified in EPSRA.

The Commission enjoins all parties that are interested in carrying out a regulated activity in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry to ensure that their activities are executed in strict compliance with the requirements of EPSRA and in compliance with safety regulations governing the electricity industry.

The Commission hereby directs that no further steps should be taken in the development of SIPL until further directives are issued to that effect and all parties are advised to approach the Commission for the resolution of this matter.