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Invitation for Financial and Technical Quotations for Website Hosting and Maintenance of the Commission's website

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC)’s website ( provides information to investors, industry operators, policy makers, consultants, researchers and other stakeholders of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI).

The purpose of this Terms of Reference is to hire the services of a qualified consultant to provide hosting services, technical maintenance and support for the website for a year which is renewable based on satisfactory performance. In addition, the consultant will be required to develop and implement technical solutions and features that will improve the websites’ user friendliness. The consultant is also expected to be flexible and responsive to the website support services requested as well as provide innovative ideas and recommendations to ensure that the website is considered to be cutting edge by its users.  This task requires specialized technical knowledge and experience in website support, monitoring, analytics and promotion. The task will not require the website to be redesigned.
The consultant will work under the supervision and guidance of the Head of the Information Technology Unit.

The Consultant will be responsible for various tasks which will include but not be limited to those detailed below:
A. WEBSITE HOSTING (Accessibility, Reliability & Security)
i.    Hosting Service: The consultant shall obtain access to and the rights to use a server and all necessary ICT related hardware and software to connect such server directly to the Internet (all of which may be the property of the consultant or some third party) and upload the website content on the server. The server must be a virtual private server (VPS) and should be available 24/7 and be able to handle an average of 15,000 visits per week with a quick load time 5 to 10 sec per page from a standard internet connection. The consultant must ensure the website is able to cope with occasional peaks of up to ten times the average visits per week at any moment.
ii.    The web site currently requires 200 GB of space, but this will increase significantly over the coming years. The server should support the following technologies and features; PHP, MySQL, malware monitoring, email accounts & service with incoming filtering of domains, SSL Certificates, Graph and Charting Software
iii.    Full access to the cpanel will be granted to the staff of the IT Unit.
iv.    Website Back-Up: The consultant must perform constant and up-to-date Backups of code, data & content to ensure full restoration of website in case of a serious incident. The backup, code and source files will be delivered in full to client on closing of the contract.
v.    Website Security: The consultant is expected to manage all aspects of website security to protect code, data and content, prevent hacks and defacing, applying security patches, managing security certificates, updates etc.
vi.    Website monitoring, reporting and analysis: The Consultant must provide, upon request, and at least on a monthly and cumulative year-to-date, detailed website usage statistics, monitor content generation and publishing, search engine results, web traffic data and make recommendations on the website’s enhancement and improvement of its functionality.
Based on the gathered data from monitoring reports and its analysis, the consultant is expected to assist in developing and implementing Search Engines Optimization strategies to increase website visibility which may include; Keyword research & analysis, site analysis, site content optimization, HTML code optimization, search Engine submission (free search engines), link exchange, web ranking report etc.
i.    Act as backup to the staff in updating the website especially when changes that have to be made are not possible from the Content Management System (CMS)’s user interface
ii.    Provide inputs to assist in the preparation of new content for the websites. This will include editing, organizing, enhancing and otherwise modifying text, images, audio, video, banners and other information into digitized format that be uploaded on the website.
iii.    Maintenance of the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) i.e. manage, edit, update and maintain the site (this includes all development work: CSS/Theme, Joomla, jQuery, etc.).
iv.    Install, upgrade or modify existing modules/plug-ins/extensions/web applications on the website including bug fixes
v.    Manage web design i.e. recommend and implement enhancements to the sites’ look and feel on an ongoing basis by developing innovative new designs for site designs for layout, graphics, etc.,
vi.    Analyse the existing web site functionalities and provide technical and creative expertise to improve website functionality, website navigation and information architecture.
vii.    Maintain development environment separate from live environment.
viii.    Designing and producing features, functionalities and facilities that may be needed, including but not restricted to banners, audio and video podcasting facility, video and audio streaming facilities, calendars, forms, graphs, interactive facilities, or other new technological features that may arise
ix.    The Consultant shall make available at cost any software tools necessary for the implementation of a required new feature.
x.    Provide user guidance and training support to designated staff
xi.    Serve as a resource for problem analysis and solution.
xii.    Support social media activities and strategies;
There will be a transition phase of 4 weeks during which the current consultant and the new consultant will be working in tandem to avoid any downtime. During that period, the new consultant will be expected to:
i.    Get familiar with the code, structure and functionality of the web site.
ii.    Suggest any high-priority technical tasks for the current consultant during the transition period to ensure a smooth hand-over.
iii.    Migrate the web site.
iv.    Retain the current website domain name that are held by the Commission
v.    Transfer of domain name etc from current consultant and at the end of this contract to a new consultant;
vi.    Transfer/Redeployment of website from current webhosting Consultant via FTP or any storage media to ensure uninterrupted service and at the end of this contract to new consultant;
vii.    At completion of contract term—after successful transfer of content to new webhosting consultant— deletion of all the NERC website-related content from consultant's servers;

In order to be eligible, interested and reputable vendors are required to submit the following:
a)    Copy of certificate of registration with the  Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC);
b)    Copies of tax clearance certificates for the last three (3) years (2016, 2015, and 2014) expiring 31st December, 2017;
c)    Audited accounts (2014-2016)
d)    Evidence of compliance with Industrial Training Fund (ITF) contributions (where applicable)
e)    Evidence of compliance with the Pension Reform Act 2004 by inclusion of a valid pension clearance certificate from PENCOM (where applicable)
f)    Verifiable evidence (award letters, contract agreements etc) of  at least three (3) similar jobs done.
The consultant is required to have:
g. Extensive knowledge and experience of website development and management by making use of innovative technologies and applications;
h. Proven, specific and in-depth expertise in
i.    Joomla Content Management System.
ii.    Web site design; security, administration and analytics;
iii.    Search Engine Optimization, cross promotion, cross linking etc.
iv.    Web resources development: web design, programming, content.
v.    Understanding of how web protocols work, including HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SSH and FTP.
vi.    Use of Linux server as a web server; Linux administration, HTML, JavaScript and XML, TCP/IP and DNS; knowledge of Relational Databases, particularly MySQL.
vii.    Graphics Software Applications (i.e. Adobe Photoshop, Corel Suite, etc.) and experience in using such tools as Macromedia, Flash, etc. Video editing software.
viii.    Google Analytics and other web statistics tools.

Technical and financial quotations (one original, two copies) should each be packaged in separate sealed envelopes, each marked “Technical” and “Financial” at the top left hand corner of the envelopes. Both envelopes should then be packaged in a larger sealed envelope.
The documents must be dropped into the Tender Box located at the Commission’s Registry on the ground floor of the new Corporate Head Office building, not later than 12:00 noon on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 addressed to:

The Chairman/CEO,
Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission,
Plot 1387, Cadastral Zone AOO,
Central Business District,

Only the technical bids will be opened on the bid opening date at the deadline for submission and the financial bids of bidders successful in the technical evaluation shall be opened at a later date. The financial bids of the unsuccessful bidders will be returned to the bidders un-opened. The quotation opening will take place on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 immediately at the close of submission by 12:00 noon at the Commission’s Hearing Room located on the 4th floor wing “B”. Bidders or their representatives, NGOs, professional bodies and interested members of the public are invited to attend the bid opening exercise at their own expense.

Please note that all enquiries should be directed to Head (Procurement Unit), Plot 1387 Cadastral Zone AOO, CBD, Abuja. Tel: 09-4621409, email, cc