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List of 22 Firms granted 'No Objection'

Find below list of companies granted ‘No Objection’ to participate in meter procurement process by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

1.    Huawei Technology Company Nigeria Limited;
2.    Bilview Energy Limited;
3.    Chintech Electro Nigeria Limited;
4.    Holley Metering Limited;
5.    Meron Nigeria Limited;
6.    Integrated Power Limited;
7.    MBH Power Limited;
8.    Trimani Engineering Limited;
9.    Sapropel Energy Resources Limited;
10.    Megawatt Distribution International Limited;
11.    Unistar Hi-Tech Systems Limited;
12.    MOMAS Electricity Meters Manufacturing Company Limited.
13.    Imperial Infrastructure Development Company Limited;
14.    Ratio Consulting Limited;
15.    Protogy Global Services Limited;
16.    Paktim Metering Nigeria Limited;
17.    Sabrud Consortium Nigeria Limited;
18.    Tinuten Nigeria Limited;
19.    Kayz Consortium Limited;
20.    BTS Power Limited;
21.    CIG Metering Assets Nigeria Limited
22.    Cresthill Engineering Limited.
23.    Carlin Concept International Nigeria Limited;
24.    Onenation Energy Platform Nigeria Limited;
25.    Armese Consulting Limited;
26.    CWG Plc;
27.    Damtaq Limited;
28.    Powerup Projects International Limited;
29.    Esinos Resources International Limited;
30.    Techadvance Limited
31.    News Engineering Nigeria Limited
32.    Mojec International Limited
33.    Turbo Energy Limited
34.    New Hampshire Capital Limited
35.    Consolidated Infrastructure Group International Limited