Industry Operators

The reforms of the power sector by the Federal Government of Nigeria with the enactment of the EPSR Act 2005 has opened a vista of opportunities for investment by the private sector. Through NERC it has created an enabling environment for intending investors in the Nigerian Electricity Industry.

Licensing, Tariff & Market Rules

Any person intending to engage in the business of electricity generation, transmission, system operation, distribution or trading shall be required to obtain an operator's licence from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission.

NERC Orders, Directives & Decisions

This section contains a list of orders issued by the Commission

NERC Regulations, Codes & Standards

The Commission makes Regulations prescribing all matters which are required or neccessary to be prescribed for carrying out or giving effect to the Electric Power Sector Reform Act 2005. It also develops and approves Standards, Codes & Manuals for the Nigerian Electricity Industry which will be binding on applicable licencees.

Petitions, Hearings & Dispute Resolution

This section contains a list of all hearings and petitions and dispute resolutions before the Commission