Key Facts

The Commission was created by and performs its operations based on the guidelines as stipulated in the Electric Power Sector Reform Act 2005

Member - Executive Council of African Forum for Utility Regulators

Corporate Headquarters
Plot 1387, Cadastral Zone A00,
Behind Bank Of Agriculture HQ 
Central Business District
Abuja F.C.T, Nigeria
Tel: +234-09-462-1400, 09-462-1410.

Goals and Objectives

The Commission has developed business objectives that are mapped to each of its key goals and has ensured that the objectives are aligned to its objects and functions as defined in the EPSR Act, 2005.

Goal 1 : Uninterrupted Electricity

  • Constant and reliable power supply is critical to the growth of the Nigerian economy
  • The supply of power is expected to cover a wide national footprint to maximise access to electricity in Nigeria
  • Through appropriate Regulations, the Commission (through you and I) will ensure that the nation gets safe, adequate, reliable and affordable services in the generation, transmission, distribution and trading of electricity

GOAL 2: Private Sector Participation

The Commission is entrusted with:

  • encouraging the participation of the private sector in the electricity market
  • ensuring that regulations which encourage profitable pricing and effective competition among market players are developed and implemented;
  • ensuring that appropriate codes of conduct and rules of engagement  are also enforced to ensure an efficient and investor friendly market; and
  • monitors industry operators and prevent abuse of the market.

Goal 3: Consumer Protection

The Commission is charged with ensuring consumers fulfill their obligations by paying for power used and their interests are protected.

In discharging this responsibility, the Commission

  • in consultation with licensees developed customer services standards and fair pricing rules;
  • facilitates constant communication with consumers to ensure they understand their rights and obligations and;
  • ensure materials on consumer rights (safety, service, e.t.c) are up to date, available and readily accessible;
  • establishes and ensures an effective dispute resolution mechanism to guarantee consumer protection while also encouraging private sector participation.


Goal 4: Fair Regulation

In order to provide a level playing field to all operators and to protect consumers, the Commission ensures the following:

  • even-handed regulation of the industry
  • vigilant oversight of the industry
  • firm and fair enforcement of its rules and regulations