NERC Orders Distribution Companies To Hold Sensitization Workshop On Customer Service Milestones

Following the deluge of customer complaints on excessive estimated billing, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission has directed electricity distribution companies (DISCOS) to organize sensitization workshops for their staff.

This sensitization exercise will in no small measure bridge the gap between regulations and their effective implementation. This initiative became necessary in light of the fact that the DISCOs have neglected to rigorously apply the methodology on the estimation of electricity bills.

The methodology on estimated billing was enacted by NERC to regulate the practice of arriving at electricity bills for customers who do not have prepaid meters. DISCOS are required to scientifically calculate electricity consumption, ensuring that customers pay for only what they use.

Investigations by NERC revealed that the staff of the DISCOS do not understand how to apply this methodology, and this has a significant linkage to many of the complaints lodged by customers. It is believed that the sensitization will equip those responsible for billing with the necessary information and skills needed to estimate electricity bills in a scientific, fair and transparent manner.

Dr. Sam Amadi - Chairman/CEO NERC has said "We have mandated the DISCOS to organize a sensitization workshop for the business managers in the DISCOS to ensure compliance with the regulation. The workshops must take place before the end of November, 2012".

Other areas to be dealt with during the sensitization exercise will include metering plans and targets, and the regulation on connection charges.

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